Mergers and Acquisitions

We advise senior management and owners on the effective monetization of their business units or on the inorganic growth in key business areas. We worked on the both sides of the process of buying or selling a business, we know how it works, and we actively manage the key success factors for achieving the goals of our clients.

Buy-side Advisory.

We make sure that our clients will get value for money in each and every deal. Our process of creating value starts from the deal origination. We identify and approach the most appropriate targets. Once we generate the right deal for our clients, we perform the commercial due diligence . It helps us understand the strategic value of the business to be acquired, and helps us design the deal structure.
Where finally value is created, is in the deal structure and its negotiation. Each target has specific weaknesses and risk exposures, and these are mitigated through the deal structure. We actively support the negotiations and assist the legal team on the acquisition agreement.

Sell-side Advisory.

Selling a business might be a difficult decision for an owner, as it has an important emotional attachment. As a first step, we conduct our independent analysis to identify the key value drivers of the companies, and separate it from the emotional value an owner may have.
One of the most important value creation steps in the process of selling a company is the existence of competitive market of interested acquirers. We actively identify and attract the two major types of potential buyers – industry players and private equity funds. We have an extensive network of contact to reach the potential foreign buyers.
Once the potential buyer is identified and contacted, we manage the whole process, from receiving non-binding letters of interest to deal closing.

Project Finance

There is a growing trend toward private participation in the infrastructure development throughout the world, mainly under the form of public-private partnerships (PPP). We have extensive practical experience in developing financing strategy and raising the necessary funds. This includes considering various potential financing techniques, including but not limited to public versus privately-placed debt, fixed versus variable rate debt and long-term versus short term amortization.

    Our services include:

  • Development of financial models

  • Preparation of the financing documents, including but not limited to, feasibility studies, credit presentations, etc

  • Development of rating agency strategy.

  • Preparation of credit profiles and assistance in making presentations to rating agencies.

  • Assistance in negotiations with bond insurers and/or letter of credit providers.

  • Support in the tender process and the negotiations with the public authorities in case of PPP projects.

Start-up Advisory

We help new ventures create a strategic roadmap for their business and obtain funding from angel investors and venture capital funds. We provide support throughout the whole process, from inception to negotiations to closing of the deal with the investors.Two major outputs of our work are:

Pitch Deck.

The pitch deck is a brief presentation used to provide a quick overview of the start-up value proposition and the business model behind it in order to attract investors. It explains what is the problem to be solved, how it is solved, how your solutions is protected from competitors, who is behind the project, and what do you need from the investors.

Business Plan.

A lot of advisors will tell you what the structure of a business plan should be or what it has to include. Our focus is on content, and our starting point are two sayings:

  • “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing” Warren Buffett
  • “A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers” Plato

The investors would like to see that they are talking to the most knowledgeable person in the world with regard to the key success factors for your business. The key for attracting investors is clear and compelling value proposition, market assessment that demonstrates its need, technical viability evaluation, your competitor’s overview, and the prudent hypothesis in revenues and costs figures.